Mike Pries and Chad Saylor

Running Dauphin County Right

17 years in a row without a property tax increase

Creating the nation’s first infrastructure bank to address our county’s aging infrastructure

Supporting small businesses struggling to reopen

Combating blight to create safer neighborhoods

Making historic investments in our park system

Preserving more farmland than ever before

This year, there are several important races in the November 7th General Election, and your vote is critical in deciding the future of our neighborhoods and our county. 

While Dauphin County has thrived under Republican leadership, we are only as strong as our voter turnout. 

If you cannot make it to the polls on Tuesday, November 7th and choose to vote by mail, please be sure to Bank Your Vote by applying for your mail-in ballot today. 

If you have not already submitted your application, please visit www.pavoterservices.pa.gov to complete your 2023 General Election mail-in ballot today. 

With your vote, either by mail or in person, we can ensure Dauphin County continues to thrive under Republican leadership. 

Thank you for your continued support and for your commitment to the Republican party.